How Blockchain Technology Will

Transform Your Supply Chain

Recorded May 9, 2018

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Discover the 5 ways in which blockchain enhances supply chain efficiency

Blockchain offers you an unprecedented level of visibility by providing immediate access to each package’s complete history. This advanced technology can significantly change the way you track and authenticate packages within the supply chain.

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  • The impact of blockchain on overall supply chain management
  • How this new technology can impact tracking, tracing, transfer and ultimately customer trust
  • Other Canadian companies who are on the leading edge of blockchain technology
  • Practical next steps for leveraging blockchain technology

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About the Presenters

Ricardo Costa

Chief Information Officer

With over 20 years of IT and information security experience, Ricardo is responsible for the organization’s IT and data capabilities, innovation across various lines of business and is leading Purolator’s blockchain involvement. Prior to joining Purolator, Ricardo held progressive roles in different industries, including CIO of Weston Foods and head of Information Security for Rogers. His vast experience across a broad range of industries has equipped him with an expertise in the information security field.

Peter Patterson

IBM Blockchain Leader

With over a decade experience at IBM, Peter is a Canadian thought leader and team builder with extensive knowledge in blockchain, API Economy, Internet of things and analytics. He helps companies engage with digital transformation and address emerging trends in technology. Peter believes that blockchain technology will break down the barriers needed to create new business models that allow us to reach new markets.